Couple’s History

Couple’s Personal History Experience

Dialoguing about what life experiences have influenced you and how is deeply important to a relationship or marriage. An integral part of the dating process involves communicating about things in your history that are important to you and why!

But sometimes, love is a whirlwind, and maybe you don’t get enough time to think about your past and your future while you live in the beauty of the present.

That’s okay, because this Couple’s Personal History Dialogue Experience can help!

Described as “a secular pre-cana,” the Couple’s Personal History Dialogue Experience is conducted over Skype or telephone. This consists of a three-part interview process: two one-hour interviews, one with each partner in the relationship, and one half-hour joint interview together. You will receive afterwards an audio recording of the interviews on a CD, a digital PDF of the narrative, and a copy of the narrative in paper form.

When the session and work is finished, you will have a meaningful summary of your life story, your partner’s life story, and your relationship story! It will be a precious memento to pass on to future generations.

This is a perfect wedding or anniversary gift as well.

So don’t wait to communicate – invest in this dialogue today!

Price: $200 for experience as described above (2.5 hours), including writing and editing time (no re-writes).

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