Narrative Exploration

Sometimes we learn the most about ourselves when we are engaged in creative pursuits that are not specifically autobiographical.

After all, as Carl Jung writes, “All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness. Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

But how do you tap into your creativity and maximize the accessibility of meaningful content?

An innovative take on the process of Guided Autobiography, Guided Narrative Exploration of the Unconscious sessions can guide you towards a better understanding of your unconscious self and enable you to build your toolbox to access the imaginal world.

You choose your medium – poem, short story, play, fanfiction, or novel – and explore the process behind your writing.

This is not a writing class, though tips on your writing will arrive naturally in the relationship process. Instead, it is analyzing your writing with an expert for the sake of better understanding your own self.

Option #1: $300 for one hour-long session of Guided Narrative Exploration every week for 10 weeks. ($30/session)

Option #2: $37.50 for one hour-long session of Guided Narrative Exploration. If you’re not sure that you want to commit to the 10 week session in Option #1, this option is for you!

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