Tribute / Memorial

Tribute / Memorial Services

When a loved one passes away, it is difficult to try and compile a comprehensive summary of the significance and impact of the person. Of course we want to do our best to honor the person that has left us, and we want to make something deeply personal that commemorates his/her/their experiences.

But when being faced with a tragedy, whether it was sudden or a long time coming, sometimes we are blind to everything but our grief. It is entirely natural that you might be too overwhelmed to create a fitting memorial or tribute, whether it be in the form of a speech, slideshow, or other media form.

Let go of the guilt, because the Tribute / Memorial Services provided by Your Story, Your Way can help.

The services are conducted over Skype, over telephone, or in-person. Because there is no set way to honor a person’s life, there are no pre-established packages to purchase.

Here is a list of some of the options that a Personal Historian can assist with:

– Creating a photographic slideshow of the person’s life with your photos (we do the scanning / digitizing etc.)

– Assisting you with writing a Eulogy or Obituary

– Creating a biography of the life of the deceased person

– Creating a walk-through exhibit of the life of the deceased person

– Writing a song commemorating the life of the deceased person

– Any combination of the above

Prices are determined depending on the scope of the project and the number of hours the project takes to complete.

When the work is finished, you will have a meaningful artifact of your loved one’s life story in the form(s) you choose. It will be a precious way to remember and honor the deceased with great respect and love.

This is an excellent project for working through the grief and depression that follow losing a loved one. To get started, please email or call:



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