“Natalie broke down my biography to a “T” and encouraged me to keep striving for what I believe in and that sharing my life story with urban youth can really make a difference in there lives being that I went threw all the negatives personally in my life. It also has triggered people like my fiance to start getting into writing herself which I give Natalie thanks for.”

– Anonymous from New York, NY, May 2013

“Natalie is the only reason that I wrote my story although it was triggered by the fact that I had begun to write a small book in the past which never got done. […] She got me restarted where I left off. She gets the credit for being a caring and good enough person to do this. I give her very high marks. How many people care enough about an old so-called senior citizen to ask him to write his life story? Somebody cares for whatever reason. Thank you, Natalie.”

– Anonymous from Whittier, CA

Author of  The Story of My Life: The Hard-To-Believe Book, June 2012

“Natalie is very good at fostering an environment that is supportive and safe, which makes it possible for us to write about very personal and difficult experiences. The worksheets were excellent for stimulating my thinking and helping me to structure my writing. The weekly meetings pushed me to keep going, and I looked forward to gathering with everyone every Sunday to share our works-in-progress. I’ve learned a lot from hearing everybody’s stories, and it has been very rewarding, feeling like I’ve been able to help the other participants figure out how to tell them. I’ve also grown personally and as a writer from sharing my writing and getting their generous feedback and support.”

– PC from Flushing, NY, December 2012

“I participated in this group because: I would like to share the story of my father’s Holocaust experience and how it impacted my life. My opinion of the service Natalie provided: FABULOUS!! What stands out about what I’ve learned from working with Natalie: The handouts gave me inspiration to start and develop te story – thought provoking. You’re the best!”

– Bari W. from Verona, NJ, December 2012


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